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Single-Use Plastics & Bioplastics: a market of contradiction

Who is governing the SUP market? Who is directing the market? Who is the victim?

Many businessmen have to wind up their businesses related to SUPs because of government rules and regulations. Many businessmen had to wind up their businesses because of government raids and high penalties as per SUP ban regulations. Many businessmen are running their SUP business smoothly with channelized corruption. Moreover, many shops and users of SUPs have become victims of high penalties. Furthermore, many businessmen have invested in the bioplastics business and waiting for the market by keeping their investments idle.

What is the market situation for SUPs in this scenario? Everyone must be aware of it because they see it every time they visit the market, in my opinion. All of the prohibited plastic products are still available for purchase and usage. Few businesses have switched to compostable products in accordance with government regulations, and they are now dealing with high prices because their competitors are still utilising products made of banned plastic.

It appears that neither plastics nor bioplastics are being marketed or utilised in the market in a proper manner. Everyone is afraid and struggling. The most detrimental factor for any business is this.

In this situation, what should be the role of the government? Here, the government officers are taking advantage by harassing plastic segment entrepreneurs instead of directing them to a sustainable path. Government should provide sustainable alternatives for the industry and guide them to a successful business. Instead of conducting raids and taking heavy penalties from large plastic product manufacturers, they should help them to divert to a sustainable field. Actually, they have the potential to shift the complete market toward eco-friendly products. The government does not need to make any effort to impose the SUP ban in the market once they have established itself in the sustainable industry.

The government has established numerous laws and regulations for the compostable industry in a similar manner. It makes it challenging for start-ups and emerging sectors to build a business. Since the market is still developing, more time and resources are needed to expand it. Strange and stringent regulations are the bottleneck for the compostable industry. Additionally, the government is providing a route for unlawful competitors to enter the biodegradable market, whether intentionally or unintentionally, simply by witnessing the travesty of the technology.

The most critical aspect of the crisis is how severely the Earth is being harmed and contaminated. If we realise the truth and awaken, this cannot be undone later. It is frightening to see how polluted the air, water, and land are.

If the issue can be comprehended and reality is seen, it is no less than an emergency. We should not forget that we have only one earth.


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