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Plastic waste management policy draft for corporates by govt of India

Updated plastic waste management policy has been drafted and circulated by the ministry of environment, forest and climate change.

As per the draft, the plastic waste management rules provide for the collection, segregation, processing, treatment and disposal of the plastic waste in an environmentally sound manner, restriction on the thickness of the plastic sheet or like, prohibition on identified use, extended producer responsibility, marking and labeling requirement, registration of manufacturer, producer, importer, brand owner and plastic waste processor, reducing the plastic waste generation.

No person shall manufacture carry bags or recycle plastic or multilayered packaging unless the person has obtained registration from the relevant pollution control board. The manufacturer, producer, importer, brand owner and plastic waste processor need to register with all the necessary data like amount and type of plastic used in raw material, finished products and processing, total plastic waste generation, action plan for proper disposal, etc.

The registration form is available in draft for importers, producers and brand owners. The form requires all the details of imported quantity, waste generation, storage, disposal, types of products, action plan as per regulation notified for extended producer responsibility, etc.

The draft contains the information and regulations to use compostable and biodegradable plastic materials. The material should follow appropriate standards developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards and certified by the Central Pollution Control Board.

It depicts that single-use plastic products will be allowed to use only if it is mandatory and will be expensive due to proper waste handling policy. Hence, compostable and biodegradable products will be convenient for replacing single-use plastic products and it is eco-friendly. Now it is time for corporates to adopt sustainable materials and help the world to achieve the sustainability goals.


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