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Implementation of SUP ban-India

All environmentalists are hoping that the current guideline of the single-use plastic ban would not become a fiasco like the 2nd October 2019 guideline. But it is hard to predict the next steps taken by the government, and more specifically the implementation.

As per current guidelines of SUP ban, all the polythene bags less than 75 microns are banned from 30 September 2021. After witnessing almost a month, I would say that implementation is not being carried out on the ground level. Even most of the users are unaware of the ban and using banned plastic in a normal manner. I would say users are taking it the same way as the 2nd October fiasco and no one is serious about it.

Actually, it will be stressful for the users when the government will take a sudden action for implementation, at that time there will not be any immediate alternative available for users. It is better to start becoming independent from single-use plastic products step by step.

Few alternatives are becoming more popular nowadays like bagasse pulp products, paper products with bioplastic film lamination, wood products, starch-based products, bioplastic products, etc. These are the current alternatives, seeking broad market acceptance. Once it will become common in the market, more manufacturers would come and make it price competitive. These sustainable single-use products are already booming market in the western world and are being exported from many Asian countries. Numerous startups and companies are coming forward for sustainable products business, considering it as a futuristic business idea.

26th United Nations Climate Change Conference at Glasgow is gathering all the world leaders to promote policy options and new targets for cutting global greenhouse gases to net-zero emissions by 2050. As per the statements of India's prime minister at Glasgow, India's current SUP ban should not become a fiasco. If this is the case, what are the steps taken by the government of India for successful ban implementation? Is the government focussing to develop bio-based alternatives to petrol plastic?


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