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World Environment Day: 2022

Like every year, this environment day is also very special, flooded with hashtags and posts. Nothing has changed, not even the environment! it is being polluted and destroyed at the same alarming pace. Of course, feelings and sentiments have increased, because at some point we all are affected by pollution and deterioration of the environment. People really feel sorry for the damage they have done to the environment. But, don’t even want to plant a tree, don’t want to stop using plastics, don’t want to use public transport instead of a personal car and don’t want to switch to sustainable alternatives, because we don’t want to take effort/action for the change. We are good at expression, kind gestures and taking oaths to protect the environment, nothing else!

We are still emitting toxic fumes from industry, throwing polluted water into rivers, throwing plastic waste into water & land and are responsible for the greenhouse effect; just to earn more and more money. Unfortunately, we don’t have another Earth to preserve this money, when the environment will react by disasters. We think that a good idea is to spend some money on world environment day to celebrate, take oaths, give heartfelt expressions, etc.! It will make us feel better, at least we are doing something for the environment! I hope you are not going to celebrate it with firecrackers and a grand lunch/dinner in plastic/paper tableware!

The government is also playing a crucial role in the movement by creating environment protecting policy, same time they also want to protect people who are damaging the environment. Because these people/corporates/companies will throw lots of money for protecting them. The poor environment is again failed against money! The government will arrange a big social event to showcase hypothetical and the best ideas to protect the environment on this world environment day, of course, followed by a grand lunch/dinner and the same people/corporates/companies will be invited and given VIP passes for the whole ceremony! In the morning, all government delegates would be on the stage with a mic and speaking scripted sweet words. I should be confident that this will make our environment very clean, stop further pollution and repair all the damage!

How can we forget the environmentalists, who have very good communication skills and public speaking skills; who can budge people’s prospects by their flattery. Unfortunately, they are lacking knowledge and expertise in environmental protection. Still, they are heroes and the ones who have rich knowledge and subject expertise in the field, they become boring to people because they don’t have sweet words and blandishment!

Why do we need motivation even to plant a tree? Everyone wants to have fresh air, tree shadows in sunlight, fruits, medicines, etc. These all things come from trees and plants, and everyone knows it. Directly or indirectly, we all are responsible for urbanization and cutting down trees/forests. We already have cut down as much of trees that we can’t grow in our single life.

Let’s pray to our god that he should repair our environment and make our life better! Against that we will throw a big party to thank god; of course, followed by a grand lunch/dinner! What else can we do?

I am also the same human being and I am done with these show-offs. Let’s just do it together. It’s already late and ignoring it now could result in the extinction of human beings on the Earth within a few generations. Let’s just start choosing sustainable alternatives wherever options are available to save ourselves, not the environment!


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