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How to obtain a compostable certificate from CPCB, India

To start manufacturing or trading of compostable products in India, it is mandatory to obtain a manufacturer/seller certificate from CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board), India. The important part of the certification process is to test the samples at the CIPET testing facility.

For manufacturers:

  1. Every state has its own State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) or Pollution Control Committee (PCC). The first step is to get the factory registration certificate from them as per Rule 13(2) of PWM (Plastic Waste Management) Rules, 2018

  2. In accordance with Rule 13(5) of the PWM Rules 2018, valid consent order for air & water is required from the concerned SPCB/PCC.

  3. Manufacturing process along with flow diagrams.

  4. Details of raw materials need to be provided like bio-based/non bio-based, nature of additive used, manufacturer/supplier details, etc. If material is imported, necessary documents need to be provided.

  5. Details of end products, by-products, plant capacity for manufacturing compostable plastics and pollution control measures.

  6. Sample manufactured at the unit to be certified, to be sent for testing (covering disintegration, aerobic biodegradation, compost testing and heavy metal analysis) at CIPET. (25% discount for MSMEs – Udyog Aadhar required).

  7. Undertaking letter in prescribed format on ₹100 stamp paper and duly filled form A. (format/form given in the attachment)

Provisional certificate can be obtained with interim test reports. For the final certificate, full test reports are required (the test takes 180 days). The test should be done as per IS/ISO:17088-2021.

For Sellers:

  1. Authorization letter issued to the seller by the manufacturer.

  2. Copy of registration issued by SPCB/PCC to the concerned manufacturer as per Rule 13(1) of PWM 2018 for manufacturing compostable products.

  3. Copy of CPCB certificate issued to the manufacturer.

  4. Undertaking letter in prescribed format on ₹100 stamp paper and duly filled form B. (format/form given in the attachment).

SOP IssueCert Compostable Plastic Manufacturers
Download PDF • 1.13MB

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